How would you feel

To be fearless every time you go on stage and reach your full potential as a musician at every high pressure event, so that you thrive in your career?

As musicians, we spend hundreds of hours if not thousands of hours preparing for auditions, competitions, academia job interviews, recitals, concerts, while in reality, it could come down to minutes that makes or breaks our career on stage.

Oftentimes, it's not the lack of skills or musicianships that stopped us from performing our best on stage, but the fear, the anxiety, the worry, and the self-doubt.

Through years of training in music, yoga, and positive psychology, I am thrilled to introduce you my newly launched program Peak Performance Roadmap.

Peak Performance Roadmap

The Peak Performance Roadmap is a 4-month program where you will learn the tools to clarify your intentions and goals, explore methods derived from meditation, breathing exercise, yoga, and positive psychology to achieve mindfulness, and harness the high-performer’s traits such as determination, focus, inner strength, resilience, perseverance, confidence that will lead you to optimal performance on stage and in life.

What do people say?

This course definitely helped me in learning to slow down and begin the day in an organized manner. I have become more in tune with myself and the needs of my body. Especially in learning to slow down and not just jumping straight into something without visualizing it first. Grounding was something at first I was uncomfortable with; but now it's a part of my everyday winding down routine. I really think it has made me a more rounded out performer and calmer person in my daily life.
Juan Guzman
Music Educator
The class itself had a very relaxing and judgment-free environment, and I was able to connect with many other students in the music school. Even over a year later I still find the movements I learned in that class aiding me in my every day life. Learning about concepts such as mindfulness has helped me ground me when I’m anxious and to appreciate every aspect of my day and life. My overall well-being certainly improved after taking the class. I found that it helped my mobility and helped to relieve some minor pain and soreness I experienced after exercising. My mind also felt much calmer throughout the week and I found myself able to clearly think and focus on stressful tasks throughout the semester.
Alison Kafton
Dr. Lin’s course layout was well organised and gave sufficient time for each section of the class- intro/warmups, flow, meditation. Each class introduced different ways of meditation, yoga flow, and coping mechanisms, that could be applied to different situation and settings. One of the biggest challenge for me when performing is to feel grounded during trying moments. Being in this course helped me to find simple ways to ground myself mentally and physically, before and during the performance. Using the simple guide to meditate before my performances also gave me a lot of clarity and allowed me to give my best every time. I felt more energised and motivated the whole day after attending the class in the morning.
Chuan Choy

My Story

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you believe it’s your destiny to pursue it, yet somehow you don’t quite see the roadmap that guides you to your destination?

That’s how I felt about peak performance.

As a concert pianist, I spent hours upon hours preparing for performances, mastering my crafts, drilling on my techniques and musicalities, but no matter how hard I practiced, I still couldn’t shake the feeling of “I am not ready,” “I am not in control,” “I am afraid of mistakes.” I was so frustrated with the fact that I know how I sound when I play my best, but I couldn’t achieve the same level of precision or quality when I was under extreme pressure. And I was determined to find a solution that could solve my problem.

Throughout the years, I studied yoga philosophy to find center and oneness. I completed my positive psychology online course through the University of Pennsylvania to learn about grit and well-being. I also trained in Krav Maga, bouldering, and surfing, to constantly face my fear and conquer it, and strengthen my high performer’s traits such as resilience, confidence, willpower, and perseverance. I realized that it’s actually the physical and mental readiness on top of your chaps that will lead you to optimal performance under stress.

This is the reason why I created the Peak Performance Roadmap, a mentorship program to help performers to embark on their own journey of peak pursuit, to experience the beauty of transformation within themselves, to learn the tools to achieve optimal performances under pressure, so they can thrive in their careers, and orchestrate a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

What to expect?

Intention & Goal

Learn the tools to work smarter, not harder, while being focused, balanced, and productive.

High Pressure Events

Aquire the practical tips to help you prepare for competitions, auditions, concerts, and academic job search from a wholistic approach.

Career Crafting

Learn about budgeting models, financial health, saving & investing, business deductions for taxes as you craft your music career.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Detox from fear and anxiety while prioritizing your well-being through positive psychology, gratitude exercise, meditation, and yoga to achieve equanimity in daily life.

Mastering your grit

Finding your inner strength, resilience, determination, confidence, and passion to maximize your drive and achieve the success you envisioned.

Peak Performance

Acquiring the high-performer’s mindset, so you can turn your dreams into realities.

How it works

What is included in the program

Personalized Support

A roadmap specifically designed for your needs and desires.

Group Workshop

Weekly online workshop to equip you with high performer traits such as determination, focus, inner strength, resilience, perseverance, and confidence through positive psychology and yoga philosophy.

Journal Prompts

Weekly journal prompts to make sure you stay on track with your plans while implementing your new super powers and skills as a musician.

Training Ground

You will have access to my training vault, where I regularly upload practical tips on competition preparation, audition process, academic job search, career development advice, as well as pranayama exercise, guided meditation, vinyasa flows, and much more.

Private Community

Meet musicians enrolled in the program, build your network, learn from on another, and grow together.


Most frequent questions and answers

This program is for you if you are:

  • Passionate about music but struggle to find your ideal career path
  • Eager to conquer all competitions but don’t know where to start
  • Finishing up your degree paths but pondering what’s the next steps
  • Having a love-hate relationship with performing due to anxiety and fear
  • Determined to become your best self on and off stage
  • Ready to be bold, be courageous, and dream big

This program is not for you if you are:

  • Not willing to work hard
  • Not willing to believe in yourself
  • Not willing to make changes
  • Not willing to keep an open mind
  • Not willing to take responsibilities for your choices
The Peak Performance Roadmap Program
is a four-figure investment. Additionally, we have other programs with various support levels and investment options, depending on your stage in your music journey. Your best bet is to contact us directly so we can determine how we can best support you.

The easiest way to determine whether you are the right fit is to contact us directly.  

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to join my Peak Performance Roadmap program if you are a current student at the University of Arizona due to conflict of interest; however, you will be able to receive similar training through my Yoga for Musicians course.

Your computer, an open mind, and unstoppable desire to achieve your full potential in your career and in life. 

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