Peak Performance Roadmap

A group program that combines positive psychology, peak performance training, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. The program is designed to help musicians develop a high-performer mindset, overcome performance anxiety, and achieve their full potential on stage.

The 6-Month Music Composition Program will be presented by Fanya Lin

A peak performance coach who helps musicians achieve optimal performances under pressure. She believes that musicians often spend hundreds of hours preparing for auditions, competitions, and other important events, but it is often the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that prevent them from performing their best.


  • Passionate about music but struggle to find the roadmap to your ideal career.
  • Eager to conquer all competitions but don’t know where to start.
  • Finishing up your degree paths but pondering what’s the next steps.
  • Having a love-hate relationship with performing due to anxiety and fear.
  • Determined to become your best self on and off stage Ready to be bold, be courageous, and dream big.

This program is not for you if you are..

  • Not willing to work hard
  • Not willing to believe in yourself
  • Not willing to make changes
  • Not willing to keep an open mind